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December 2018

Have Camera – Will Travel 683 1024 Jason Friend Photography

Have Camera – Will Travel

It is hard to believe that it has been over ten years since my last around the world, year long trip. As today is new years eve, I am naturally¬†reminiscing about the last year but also thinking about what the new year has in store for me. And sometimes you need to look back at…

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Black Holes and Revelations 682 1024 Jason Friend Photography

Black Holes and Revelations

Today, Friday 21st December 2018 CE is the winter solstice. Traditionally a time of the year for celebration (it isn’t a coincidence that Christmas Day happens to be celebrated on the 25th December although there is actually no reason to believe that Jesus was actually born on this date, or indeed even in December). However…

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Winter Landscape Photography 1024 682 Jason Friend Photography

Winter Landscape Photography

The winter months can offer a wealth of photographic opportunities for the prepared landscape photographer. True, the environment you are working in can be harsh and the lack of daylight hours often means that you are working to a tight schedule to capture all of the images that you wish to get from your location.…

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Medium Format v Medium Format 833 1024 Jason Friend Photography

Medium Format v Medium Format

Earlier this year I made the decision to switch my primary camera system to medium format. With medium format equipment recently becoming relatively affordable it seemed to make sense to make the switch before my trip to New Zealand – If I am travelling to the other side of the world, I want to future…

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