Books by Jason Friend

Award-winning photographer Jason Friend proudly presents a spectacular series of landscape photography books that will transport you to the most breathtaking corners of the United Kingdom.

Jason’s beautiful collection of landscape photography books are a celebration of nature’s beauty, diversity and wonderment. Each page captures the majestic terrain of a land steeped in history and folklore, and offers an insight into the remnants of kingdoms passed. Whether land or sea, mountain or valley, Jason’s photography books provide a stunning visual journey that truly captures the spirit of the landscape.

Since the first day Jason became a professional photographer, it was his ultimate career goal to publish a landscape photography book. A passion for storytelling fuelled Jason’s desire to become an author; to capture a series of individual images that could later come together to reveal a fascinating and larger story.

As fate would have it, Jason needn’t wait long to achieve his career dream – just 18 months after turning professional, GMC Publications commissioned him to produce a book on wilderness photography. The book was a huge success, gaining media attention and becoming a world-wide seller. This success resulted in Jason being commissioned for a second book, The Cumbria Way, which received critical acclaim and led to Jason receiving an award from The Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild. The book also generated a media buzz and became the subject of many magazine, radio and television interviews.

Having now twice-accomplished his goal of publishing a book, Jason developed a passion for long-term photography projects. In the years following, Jason completed a number of commissions for Halsgrove Publishing, including Spirit of the Highlands and Edinburgh Illuminated, publishing a total of 10 books before deciding it was time to turn to self publishing.

Jason’s venture into self-publishing afforded more creative freedom to explore particular photographic approaches whilst also gaining control of the overall layout and design of his finished work. Black Light, a collection of Jason’s favourite monochrome images captured over the last 15 years, became his first self-published e-book and is selling well throughout the world, with the book’s success laying the foundations for future self-publishing projects.

“Shooting for a book is very different to just taking a collection of photographs. I love the challenge of finding new locations and working in very different conditions whilst keeping in mind that the photos must work as a complete body of work.” – Jason Friend

New Zealand – South of the South

Legacy – Portfolio One

Spirit of the Highlands

Spirit of Edinburgh

Northumberland Address Book

The Cumbria Way – Digital Edition

Black Light

Spirit of Northumberland

Edinburgh Illuminated

The Spirit of Cumbria

Portrait of Tyneside

Portrait of the Borders

Photographing Wilderness

The Cumbria Way

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