Online Photography Course For Beginners

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Learn digital photography online by enrolling for the ‘Learn Digital Photography’ online course and find out how you can get the most from your digital camera. The course consists of 10 detailed lessons, covering over 50 topics including how to choose a camera system, the various program modes, exposing your images correctly, composition guides and the basic techniques of post processing. The ‘Learn Digital Photography’ course will not only teach you the fundamental principles of photography but also the skills required to make great photos!

Here is something that may surprise – but hopefully encourage – you: no photographer who has ever lived was born a photographer. All photographers, from the greatest downwards, had to learn their craft, starting with first principles and proceeding from there. (And generally making lots of mistakes along the way. Making mistakes is no bad thing though, you can learn a lot from making them…) Although the principles of photography may look at first sight bewilderingly arcane and confusing, they are not random. There is a logic to them that can be learned and successfully applied with practise and dedication. This course is an introduction to these principles.

The ‘Learn Digital Photography’ online course is unlike most online digital photography courses as you will have direct email access to a professional photographer who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have during the course. Once you have completed the learning stage of the course (which i delivered by a number of online articles and interactive quizzes), you will be asked to upload a small portfolio of five of your favourite images to be reviewed by Jason Friend. From this portfolio, Jason will offer you constructive feedback and suggestions of how you can further improve your photography.

The ‘Learn Digital Photography’ course is a collaboration between two, established, Northumberland based photographers. David Taylor, an award-winning photographer who has penned over 30 photography books, has wrote the extensive text for the online content. Jason Friend who has been a professional photographer for over 20 years, is offering the online support and portfolio review.

Photography is a fascinating subject, one that can lead to a lifetime of learning. Good luck if you are about to start this journey. Enjoy the ride!

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