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Online Landscape Photography Course

Learn landscape photography via our unique online landscape photography course designed to improve your photographic abilities via a mixture of monthly video tutorials, weekly technique guides and daily photographic inspiration. Learn at your own pace and dip into the content when your time allows. Irrespective of your current photography experience, our online landscape photography course will enhance your knowledge of photography and the skills required to make you a more confident photographer.

Your tutor, Jason Friend, is an award-winning professional photographer with a photography career that has spanned almost two decades with many incredible highlights including publishing a best-selling book, working for iconic brands such as Microsoft and National Geographic, exhibiting at the renowned Joe Cornish Gallery and being personally invited to photograph a member of the royal family.


Landscape Photography Portfolio Reviews

When you first start the 12 month ‘Online Landscape Photography Course’, you will be invited to submit a selection of your eight favourite landscape photography images (this can include rural, city, nature or macro images either shot in colour or black and white) which Jason will review and offer constructive feedback on.

Towards the end of the course, you will be again invited to submit your favourite eight images with the condition that they must have been shot during the time you have been undertaking the course. Once again Jason will offer constructive feedback as well as comparing your two portfolios so that you can understand the improvements you have made in your photography and to help you identify what you could do to further improve you landscape photography.

Monthly Landscape Photography Video Tutorials

At the start of every month, we upload a new landscape photography video tutorial based around a certain photography technique. The landscape photography video tutorials are a key element of the online course and as such you will be invited to interact with the tutor via the online portal. You can ask the tutor unlimited questions if there is anything you are unsure about or if you would like to expand the technique further.

Everyone is invited to submit their own examples for constructive feedback from the tutor and other participants.

It is also possible for you to make suggestions for future landscape photography video tutorials.

Weekly Landscape Photography Technique Guides

Alongside the video landscape photography tutorials, we also publish weekly a new landscape photography technique guide. These detailed guides cover a number of subjects including mountainscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, abstracts and macro photography.

The landscape photography technique guides can be viewed online and once again everyone is invited to submit their own examples for constructive feedback.

Suggestions for future landscape photography technique guides are welcomed.

Daily Landscape Photography Inspiration

Everyday during the course, Jason will be sharing one of his favourite images alongside notes describing the location, camera settings and thinking behind the composition of the image.

Jason is a firm believer that the key to improving your landscape photography is to be found by not just learning the required techniques and camera settings but by a mixture of education and inspiration by regularly viewing a variety of different landscape photography images.

The aim of sharing these photos is to inspire you to head into the great outdoors and shoot your own landscape photography compositions. Sometimes in landscape photography, inspiration is just as important as actual landscape photography education.

Learn Landscape Photography Online

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