Bespoke Photography Holidays

Join award-winning professional landscape photographer, Jason Friend, on a bespoke photography workshop tailor made around your requirements.

Your tour vehicle is a VW T4 camper van which has be converted to offer everything the landscape photographer requires. With plenty of seating room to discuss techniques and locations over a cup of fresh coffee (or tea!) and a MacBook Pro loaded with Photoshop and Lightroom so that post processing techniques can be explored in between locations or whilst waiting for the light. In addition, the van is fitted with an Epson A3 printer to ensure that some of your finest images are printed for you to take home and show proudly to your family and friends.

Of course to make the perfect print you need to visit the perfect landscape photography location and this is where the benefit of having a professional landscape photographer as a tour guide becomes apparent. Furthermore, his vast experience of working as a professional photographer means that you will visit these locations when the light is most beneficial.

Whatever your level of experience, Jason is happy to share his knowledge to ensure that your photographic skills develop throughout the photography workshop. He also has a wide knowledge of different camera systems and is always on hand should you have any specific questions regarding your camera.

Please complete the form below and we will get back to you with a detailed quote for a bespoke photography workshop based upon your requirements. Please note that whilst we specialise in Northumberland & Lake District Photography Workshops, we have extensive knowledge of the UK and are more than happy to arrange workshops for a UK location of your choice.