Photography Portfolio Review


The online photography portfolio review is suitable for all genres of photography, not just landscape photography, and is an invaluable way to receive direct feedback about your work with constructive advice, from a professional photographer, of how to not only improve your images but also how to take your photography to another level.

Your photography portfolio of ten images will be reviewed by Jason Friend, an award-winning professional photographer who specialises in landscape, travel, stock and commercial photography.  Jason’s photography career has spanned almost two decades with many incredible highlights including publishing a best-selling book, working for iconic brands such as Microsoft and National Geographic, exhibiting at the renowned Joe Cornish Gallery, and being personally invited to photograph a member of the royal family.

Upon purchasing the online photography portfolio review, you will receive details of how to submit your portfolio of images (via a free online service such as Dropbox). Within 14 days of receiving the portfolio, Jason will send you a detailed pdf document with direct feedback regarding your images (including technical and composition feedback) alongside a detailed brief of how he feels that you can take your photography further forward (including technical and compositional considerations).

Whilst you can learn a great deal from online videos and tutorials, there is no substitute for direct feedback from a professional photographer. The online photography portfolio review will not only help you to learn from your mistakes but will also empower you with the knowledge to dramatically improve your images.

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