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Master photography via bespoke, online photography tuition tailor-made around your photographic abilities. Monthly video tutorials (exclusively recorded for your tuition), projects and day to day support will help you to become a proficient photographer. Furthermore, as the lesson and course content is created exclusively for you, you are guaranteed to be learning techniques which only apply to your photographic interests.


Upon signing up for the private photography tuition, you will be sent a short questionnaire to complete, along with details of how to access your dedicated online photography learning platform.  You will also be invited to upload 5 of your favourite images so that your current level of photographic experience can be determined. Once this has been returned, Jason will contact you with a breakdown of what to expect for the duration of your tuition (the choice of duration is entirely upon to you – we currently offer 3, 6 or 12 months).

On a monthly basis, and exclusively via the dedicated learning platform, Jason will record and deliver a bespoke video tutorial exclusively for you, covering the planned technique / subject for that period.  He will also set a small photographic project for you to complete that month. This is not mandatory (we fully understand that you may have time constraints) but we do recommend that you try to undertake these projects.

On a day to day basis, Jason is available directly via WhatsApp or Messenger. You are able to contact him with any questions you may have and he will undertake to answer them as quickly as possible.

At the end of each month, Jason will review your project and offer constructive feedback on your images (again this is all completed via the dedicated learning platform so a digital copy is always available). This process will be repeated on a month by month basis until the end of your tuition.


Jason Friend, is an award-winning professional photographer with a photography career that has spanned almost two decades with many incredible highlights including publishing a best-selling book, working for iconic brands such as Microsoft and National Geographic, exhibiting at the renowned Joe Cornish Gallery and being personally invited to photograph a member of the royal family.


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