• August 26, 2020

10 Tips to Make Better Wedding Photos

10 Tips to Make Better Wedding Photos

10 Tips to Make Better Wedding Photos 1024 683 David Taylor

Are you looking for a few tips to improve your black and white photography skills? Look no further! Here are 10 tips written by professional photographer (and regular Telephoto.com contributor) David Taylor. All of the photos are by Jason Friend.

Before the Big Day

Get to know the couple before the wedding if you don’t already. Find out exactly what their expectations are on the day so that they aren’t disappointed afterwards.

Run Silent

Cameras can be noisy devices. Either beeping when focus is acquired or clattering when the shutter fires. Confirmatory sounds should be turned off before the wedding and, if available, try using electronic shutter to shoot completely silently, particularly during the ceremony.

Go Prepared

If you can, visit the location of the wedding and reception before the big day. This will help you plan shots and lighting so that you’ve less to think about on the wedding day itself. On the day of the wedding get to the location early to see if anything has changed since your last visit.

Have Backup Gear

Don’t just rely on one camera, one lens and one memory card. Accidents and mechanical failures can happen so have spares that you can switch to should the worst happen.

Scruffy Doesn’t Cut It

Dress so that you fit in with the wedding guests. Don’t go casual unless that’s the look the happy couple have specified. You don’t need to wear a morning suit or dress, but dressing smartly is professional and respectful.


Look for a simple – though still interesting – background to shoot the shots of the wedding couple during the service, or the formal group shots afterwards. The more busy the background is, the more it will distract from the people in the shot.

Quirky Is Good

Taking formal shots of family and friends are still a big part of a wedding photographer’s job. However, look for interesting details too to help tell the full story of the day. Having a second camera to hand fitted with a fast prime lens will let you change shooting style without changing settings.


Weddings rarely run like clockwork. People are usually enjoying themselves too much to keep an eye on the time. Be prepared to start shooting long after you originally planned, and try not to get too stressed by the relentless ticking of the clock.

Take Five 

Try to find times during the day to take a few minutes’ break. Keeping your energy levels up is key to remaining buoyant and not looking – and acting – like a worn out grouch.

Crowd Control

Use someone to herd everyone to the right spot for formal shots. This could be an assistant or willing family member. They shouldn’t be a shrinking violet but tact and humour are useful qualities.

The above 10 tips were taken from the ‘101 TIPS TO MAKE BETTER PHOTOS’ ebook.

If you would like to find out what the other 91 photography tips are, please click here to download a free copy of the book.

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